New man shed would fix it all

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Along with the rest of the country, I’ve been watching England’s performance in the Euro 2012 football tournament.

It was only during one of the games that I realised how much my life has changed in just four years.

During the last Euro championships in 2008 I had no children. It was just me and my partner Serena.

She’s not interested in the football and would go and watch TV in the other room and leave me to watch the game in peace.

Perfect. Roll forward four years and I now have two very noisy daughters.

This time I did exactly the same thing, got comfy on the sofa with snacks and drinks next to me ready for 90 minutes of man time.

But this time I had to change a nappy, find a lost crayon under the sofa, share my snacks and keep telling the girls to move out the way of the television.

I have two choices: try and get the girls interested in the football, or finally get round to building that man shed (with TV aerial) at the end of the garden.