New meaning to metallurgy

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COMMENT: Funding PTSD programme could end up saving money

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A New Zealand researcher has earned a doctorate studying the social habits of heavy metal fans. Dave Snell began his research at Waikato University in 2007, and used psychological tools to look beyond the stereotypical image of metal fans as anti-social and dangerous outsiders.

Backed by a grant, he attended heavy metal concerts to study them in a social setting and interviewed them to see how belonging to the group affected other aspects of their lives. I wonder if he found they are intelligent. As well as knowing their ABCs they also know their AC/DCs. And heavy metal fans are fairly religious and always respect The Sabbath, as long as it’s Ozzy’s Black Sabbath.

Tulisa’s debut solo single has gone straight to number one. Not bad considering she hadn’t even bothered publicising it.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has insured his backside for £100,000 because girl fans keep grabbing it. He said: ‘Some of them like to touch and feel us. Some of the lads have been touched in some very unusual places.’ Grimsby?

The Voice coach Tom Jones has had a dig at rival talent shows, saying ‘We are there to help people, not to do anything else to them. We are there to further their careers.’ Especially Jessie J’s career! And as it was revealed that Scissor Sisters will perform on this week’s show, a spokesperson for the show said: ‘We pick quirky acts because of their talent. We don’t want big names that refuse to sing live or want to pre-record their vocals like X Factor does.’

Blue singer Lee Ryan has been excused from Jury service after the judge recognised him. He shouldn’t be allowed anyway, not with the amount of criminal records Blue had. Anyway, that’s the kind of fame those in Five pine for.

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp found covering You’re So Vain ‘amusing’. The rocker and the actor have collaborated on a version of Carly Simon’s classic song, which features as bonus material on the Beautiful People hitmaker’s new album, Born Villain. And Manson thinks the track is a perfect representation of how people think of him and his pal, who plays drums and guitar on the recording.