New set of resolutions - but they’ll be quickly forgotten

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So, a brand new year has arrived and it’s time to commit to a new set of resolutions.

First of all I’ve decided that this year I will treat the family to a foreign holiday.

We’ve been camping to the same campsite in St Ives for the past five years, so this August I plan to book a trip to the Costa Del Sol.

Another resolution is to be firmer with my son when it comes to his homework. Sometimes I’m guilty of letting him have the occasional night off, but this year is his last at primary school and he needs to work hard to prepare for secondary school.

Last January I managed to give up all alcohol for almost three months and this is something I like to do every year after the over-indulgence of Christmas.

I will also commit to my three-times  weekly running regime.

I run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and come the new year I will try to up the distance covered.

But, as is so often the case, come January 14 most of the above resolutions will have been completely forgotten.

Lou: I’ve never ever made a new year resolution before. Well not one that I’ve kept.

Some years I make vague promises to myself about eating less chocolate or getting more exercise.

But I’ve never gone through with it and, if I’m honest, I don’t think I ever really thought I would.

I’d love to be healthier and have the willpower to eat less sugar and processed nonsense.

And it would be amazing to actually be able to run further than the distance from the studio to the kettle.

But there’s no way I’m giving up chocolate. To even say I’ll try would be silly.

As for exercise, I’m sure my weekly yoga class will continue to suffice.

So I’ve decided to give up on myself, I’m a lost cause. Instead my new year resolution is to help Jez fulfil his.

I can remove all alcohol from his house and I’m sure he’d appreciate me driving behind him when he goes jogging, shouting ‘encouragement’.

So we’re agreed then?

Good. Now pass the Dairy Milk, would you?