NEWS COMMENT: This might be time for a new chapter in club’s history

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Let’s be fair, if it came to making a film about some of Pompey’s owners in the past decade, it would be far more Nightmare on Elm Street than something produced by the House of Mouse.

But the news that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner is looking to take over the Blues is a twist in the tale that few could honestly claim to have seen coming.

So why is a billionaire movie mogul, via his Tornante investment group, even interested in our club?

The blurb on the front of Tornante’s website proudly states: ‘The Tornante Company is a privately-held company that invests in, acquires and operates companies in media and entertainment.’

While you could argue that football is ultimately a form of entertainment, we only hope that, should the deal go ahead, Portsmouth FC does not become just one more brand under the Tornante umbrella.

Frankly, they’d make curious stablemates with Topps trading cards and TaskRabbit, an online marketplace, among others.

But that’s not to say it couldn’t succeed – other clubs have experienced great success since being bought out by overseas investors.

Hopefully Pompey will finally make it out of League Two at the end of this season. But how high can they realistically climb with current financial constraints?

Of course many want to see the club back among the big boys, but as things stand that is unlikely.

Pompey fans are rightly proud of their status as the owners of the ‘UK’s largest community-owned club,’ and a takeover would obviously change that dynamic.

Ironically, it is apparently the story of the fans’ takeover that has piqued Mr Eisner’s interest.

From a purely business point of view, you can see how a debt-free club with a proud heritage, big fan base and plenty of ambition makes an attractive proposition.

The events leading up to the Supporters’ Trust takeover were certainly an eventful chapter in the club’s history.

But now it might be time to move on to a new chapter. Let’s all hope it’s more fairytale than horror story.