The News says: Classroom yobs should be expelled permanently

You might have seen the current television advertisement which is part of a wider campaign to recruit teachers.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 6:08 pm
The level of violence in schools has to stop

It paints a rose-tinted picture of driven men and women inspiring their impeccably-behaved classroom charges to great things in the world of learning. We see children who want to learn led by teachers who are allowed to teach. If only…

What it conveniently airbrushes out are the almost daily physical and verbal attacks teachers have to withstand in school, like those highlighted in our shocking story about Portsmouth schools.

Like this from Sharon Peckham, the deputy head at Isambard Brunel Junior and Meredith Infant Schools, who says: ‘I’ve been a member of senior leadership in schools for over six years and within this time I have been pinched, kicked, hit, had my hair pulled, called every name under the sun, slapped across the face, been spat at and had countless objects thrown at me including chairs and a school bell.’

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The answer should be simple: get these horrific children out of the classroom, permanently. Their presence is disruptive for the majority of youngsters who want to learn.

Teachers who thought they had a vocation to educate should not be forced to enter a war zone in combat armour every time they leave the staff room. The parents of these yobs should be hit hard too by punishing them.

Of course, there will be liberals preaching an ‘inclusive’ policy who will insist that these deeply disturbed children should be given a mainstream education. No they should not, for the sake of their peers and the adults who teach them.

It seems the age of austerity is over and the new Tory government is drowning in cash. So a top priority should be building, and funding properly, special units for those expelled permanently.