Next year’s America’s Cup event in Portsmouth will be even better

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Thousands of people flocked to Southsea last weekend to enjoy the America’s Cup World Series. Four days of action were certainly not to be missed, even though we didn’t see the full schedule.

With so much happening it was certainly an unforgettable weekend. From aerobatics displays to fireworks, live music and general daily entertainment, Portsmouth was the place to be.

With a huge celebrity presence and members of the royal family joining the events, it was truly huge for the city.

The weekend was an opportunity for this island city to become even more recognised across the world. And regardless of the abandonment of particular elements of the weekend, it was definitely worthwhile.

Spectators lined the promenade prepared to cheer for their chosen team. Hundreds smiled in sunshine and rain in support of their team.

Determined not to be defeated by the weather, the public remained optimistic and proud to support Team Land Rover BAR as they performed on their home waters. Live commentary as well as music helped build the atmosphere and it was fantastic.

I firmly believe the weekend gave us ample opportunity to express the best of British and it is something we should do a lot more of.

The crowds that turned up to the Portsmouth Live! event were phenomenal. I stumbled across so many people who were thrilled by it.

Nevertheless, there were some who criticised the event. Although I understand this is something you would receive no matter where you go.

It is unfortunate that people moan when an overwhelming majority seem to be positive toward what they have experienced. But that’s life, I suppose.

What made the difference was the weather. With perfect sailing conditions one minute, to high winds and a storm-tossed sea the next that made it impossible to race.

If we are to take anything from the weekend of spectacular events, I think it is important to say young people should plough through the challenge regardless.

Now Portsmouth’s opportunity to show off has come to an end. That’s it for the competition this year, but it will return next summer.

I’m seriously excited to see the reaction many will have to next year. Already thousands have attended this event. It would be truly brilliant to see many more faces.

Additionally, we will have an even bigger chance to show off in 2016 as I believe next year will be much more family orientated.