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Knit one, purl one, drop one.

Folks, do I look like a yarn bomber? Last Thursday I was attending the East Southsea Neighbourhood Forum meeting at The Royal Beach Hotel when four adorable old duckies (yes, I know I’m one too) sidled up to me and enquired: ‘Are you the guerrilla knitter?’

One Golden Gal insisted she’d seen me knitting away during the meeting.

Luckily I know what guerrilla knitters (or yarn bombers) are.

I had noticed months ago that the bicycle stand outside the Natural History Museum next to Canoe Lake had a brightly-coloured knitted cover on it.

Yarn bombing started in 2005 in Texas where Magda Sayeg wondered what to do with her leftover wool.

She decided that bleak urban areas needed cheering up and so she knitted covers for door knobs, lampposts etc. Now yarn bombing is worldwide.

I think it’s a rather funky idea. But a note to Pompey’s guerrilla knitters – you need a maintenance programme as the knitted cover I mentioned earlier is all ‘laddered’ and looks a bit tatty, dear.

I was looking forward to the ESN Forum as many of the subjects were of interest to me.

But, apart from thinking ‘mmm cute cops, you can handcuff me anytime darling’ (naughty Miss James) when our local police came up to answer questions, I was really bored.

I admit to being a fidget bum at meetings, but this went on and on.

Many of the subjects and speakers were missed out and half the residents attending cleared off after two hours.

I applaud Mr Leon Reis for his commitment and passion to organise a residents’ buy-out to save South Parade Pier.

He just oversold it.

The art of selling is to connect with the buyer, be enthusiastic, ignite the ‘ I want’ purchasing power and then ‘shut up’ and let the buyer buy.

Keep talking and you can oversell and lose the buyer.

Take note, anyone selling an idea, dream or concept. Learn when to keep quiet.