No – I shall not be a Yes-man

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I’ve always been a fan of the actor and comedian Jim Carrey and I recently watched his 2008 comedy movie Yes Man in which he plays a character called Carl, a man whose life seems to be going nowhere.

But the fault of that is his own because he has an increasingly negative outlook on life and his favourite word is ‘No’.

In the film Carl’s friend suggests that he goes to a self-help seminar which encourages the class to always seize the moment and always say ‘yes’. Carl starts to seize every opportunity that comes his way and his life becomes better for it.

I found this to be an interesting concept and wondered what would happen if I did the same and just said yes to every request that came my way.

Then I realised that being a dad to three and five-year-old daughters, this would be impossible.

For if I was to say ‘yes’ to all their requests, we’d be eating chocolate for dinner, they’d be playing with the iPad all day long and right now we’d be in Disneyland.