No leather, tattoos or young girlfriend for me – just a van

Where better to begin the fight against hate crime?

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I feel like a man, because I just bought a van. We’ve decided to buy a commercial vehicle to adapt as a work/campervan hybrid. During the week I’ll transport kit and camera personnel around, at the weekend we’ll pack tents and dog and head to an overpriced field.

Cars have never really tickled my pickle. From big 4WDs to sports cars, I’ve tried a few, but a push bike has always given me more enjoyment. Until the van came along, with its high seats, buffoon-manageable dash layout and whiff of diesel. It screams out... man.

This may be me managing my mid-life crisis. Insecure 40-something blokes often opt for leather, tattoos or younger girlfriends (often a combination of all three). I’ve gone for an economical machine with a nice payload.