No need for a gym when you’re a dad

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As someone who loves his grub, being a parent and staying trim at the same time can sometimes be a challenge.

This is especially true when my girls are feeling full after their dinner and there’s some tasty looking food still sitting on their plastic plates.

Not wanting such good and nutritious food to end up wasted in the bin, I sometimes gobble up the leftovers myself.

When we’re out and about and I buy the girls a treat from the ice- cream van, I of course don’t want to be left out, and will treat myself to a cone with a flake and sprinkles too.

And when we visit the girls’ grandparents they not only treat them to large portions of cake but treat me too.

Surely by now I should be the size of a bus or at least a few stone heavier than that of my pre-dad days.

But since becoming a dad I have actually lost more than two stone and feel a lot fitter in myself.

This is mostly down to an improved diet and cutting out a lot of the rubbish and unhealthy food that I used to eat.

But I also think it’s because I’ve completed the equivalent of the Great South Run in my own home.

Apparently, children get between seven and 10 colds in a single year, so between Alyssa and her big sister Caitlin, most of the year has been made up of a constant stream of snot running out of both their nostrils.

For the last week I’ve been chasing one-year-old Alyssa around our house with a wet wipe in one hand as I try and grab her with the other to wipe the green mucus away.

This is something that no child enjoys, so as soon as she sees me walking towards her she’ll make a run for it.

For such a tiny human being, she’s incredibly fast.

Alyssa also finds it incredibly funny to steal one of my shoes and run off and hide with it when I’m trying to put them on.

So once again I’m running (or more like hobbling) after her around the house trying to get it back.

But looking at the positives, more calories are being burnt.

The same can be said of those times when I’m left roaming around the house – upstairs and down – looking for something that the girls have inadvertently hidden.

Apparently, it’s recommended that we each take around 10,000 steps each day.

Well I felt like I did a week’s worth just when I was looking for the DVD remote control that Caitlin had misplaced.

By the time the children go to bed I am exhausted.

I would never recommend having children as a way to lose weight, but it has certainly worked for me.