No need for pricey toys in our house

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Have you ever found comfort in polyproplene plastic?

My son has.

Most children find comfort in soft, plush, toys.

It could be a giant Mickey Mouse that sits in the corner of the bedroom, or a tiny little rabbit with cloth ears, that a child likes to rub with his fingers.

Comfort blankets have been doing the rounds since the beginning of time.

Neanderthal toddler would have rolled over in his cave clutching the skin of a goat, bringing him comfort as a Sabre tooth tiger prowled outside.

But my son Jack is in love with a DVD case.

When I say love, I mean he is obsessed.

His bedroom is decked out with dozens of lush toys which have taken caring scientists years to design and manufacture so that a child of his age can hold them close to his skin and feel immediate warmth and pleasure.

Jack prefers the cold angularity of a DVD box squashed up against his podgy cheeks.

Why, is a good question?

It’s not any case, but Peppa Pig in particular.

First thing in the morning he’s reaching out to get hold of it and give it a quick once over.

He’ll point to Peppa and her family, emblazoned across the front and shout out ‘ba’.

He’s a keen reader too and will sit down in the middle of the lounge, case open, upside down and read it from cover to cover…in about 10 minutes.

It’s also proving to be a good teething aid too.

Why would he want to work his gums over the selection of refrigerated teething rings that are hanging out with the eggs and tartare sauce when he can chew and suck on the corner of a plastic box?

Sadly, this chewing and sucking is taking its toll on the inlay card of the DVD and Peppa’s face is starting to run a little.

She’s looking more like a slightly melted Andrew Lloyd Webber by the day.

Of course he’s now insistent on taking the case out on trips to the park too.

I’ll load him into his buggy and start heading out of the door – but if Jack claps eyes on his little rectangular friend, he’ll kick up a right old hoo-haa.

Then we’ll have to spend the next hour walking around the park with the dog, with Jack holding the DVD case aloft in one hand, in a manner not unlike an Evangelical preacher.

Ultimately, it makes him happy and like any parents, we’re prepared to do what ever it takes to see a smile on his face/enjoy just a few moments of peace.

One day we might give him a real treat and actually play the DVD!