Norris is a 'very good' move

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There's still talk about Ipswich midfielder David Norris and I think he would be a very good signing – I like him as a player.

He is a cross between Richard Hughes and Michael Brown.

He is stocky, gets around the pitch, likes a challenge but he can score you probably more goals than Hughes or Brown. He would be a positive move if Pompey can get him.

I would like to see another centre-back coming to the club and another forward.

But it's all very well saying that, the question is can you get them and can you afford them?

Balram Chainrai was at the game and he may ask whether the club showed enough in that performance to be able to carry on with what they've already got.

But you'd hope he may understand a couple of extra players would make a big difference.

People are still talking about the play-offs but I would stress it's about staying in the Championship first and foremost this season.