Not all is super at superhospital

Queen Alexandra Hospital.
Queen Alexandra Hospital.
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NEWS COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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Seventeen hours after my 80-year-old mother was admitted to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham and no-one had thought to contact her next of kin – me. Not impressed.

Last Sunday evening at 8pm my mother’s carer phoned me to say that Ma wasn’t responding to her doorbell or phone calls.

I wasn’t too concerned, because Mummy Dearest has the odd Diva moment. If she takes a dislike to a carer’s nail varnish or perfume, she won’t let them in.

Care UK then have to ‘coax’ Ma to let her carer in. And it usually works.

But 30 minutes later there was still no answer so I was getting worried.

The carer collected my emergency key and 10 minutes later I phoned Ma’s flat.

The carer answered and said: ‘Your mother’s not here’.

What? My heart missed a beat at the thought of my frail old Ma wandering the streets at night.

When I visited her on Saturday she was very disorientated. I’d already made a note to contact her nurse first thing Monday morning.

I phoned QA Hospital and she’d been admitted. I eventually (9.15pm), got through to C6 Cardiac Ward, where an extremely helpful staff nurse confirmed my mother had been admitted at 4am on Sunday morning.

Yes, they did have both my landline and mobile numbers, and A&E department should have phoned me.

Well they didn’t. It also appears that patients’ full notes do not arrive on the ward until morning. So the night staff had no idea about my mother’s health and the medication she is on.

Only when I phoned at 9.15pm, 17 hours after QA admitted her, did they have the additional information needed.

You hear glowing reports about the wonderful work and care being achieved at the superhospital on the hill.

But not everything is super. And not letting relatives know when their elderly mum has been admitted is one example of where things have gone wrong.

QA, get your act together.