Not even helmet hair could ruin my chat with pop star

SINGING SENSATION: Our Cheryl meets pop star Katie Owen
SINGING SENSATION: Our Cheryl meets pop star Katie Owen
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This week has been crazy busy.

I love it this way and I am definitely not grumbling. But do you ever get those weeks when one minute you are waking up on Monday morning with the whole week ahead, and then you blink, and it’s Thursday evening and you still haven’t achieved a whole lot?

One thing I did manage to get done this week was meet local singer and songwriter, Katie Owen. She’s an incredible talent and one we’ll all be hearing a lot more about.

In fact, you may have already heard of her as she’s had lots of airplays and interviews on Express FM recently.

If you’re a Pompey fan you’ll be hearing a whole lot more of Katie as she’s been lined up to perform at the PFC supporters’ day, which is taking place on bank holiday Monday, May 2.

Her new single, Wrong All Along – taken from her debut album Comin’ On Strong – is brilliant and when I met her on Wednesday I quickly realised why there was a buzz about her.

She’s this tiny pop star (5ft, so smaller than me, which makes a refreshing change!) with huge brown eyes, blonde cropped hair and one of the biggest voices I’ve ever heard.

We both went to Rob Paul Photographic Studios, in Havant, because photographer Paul Burrows is doing some work at the fans’ day event. I took the opportunity to chat with Katie over a cappuccino, or at least I had one. She had a healthy glass of water – note to self!

We chatted about how she’s gone from being a local lass from Chichester to this huge internet star. She has more than 200,000 fans worldwide and is really big in the US and Asia.

Amazing, she really is incredible and despite her growing success, she remains a very grounded girl from our part of the world.

I asked Paul if he would take a quick picture of Katie and me for this column and before I arrived at the studios, I made a rather big mistake. Have a look at my hair and, girls I’m pretty sure you’ll know what happened.

I didn’t straighten my hair and let the beautiful sun dry it – big mistake as my hair now looks like a Lego man helmet. Oh, the rookie mistakes I make.