Not even the supermarket is free from the spies now

WATCHING Devices can track your shopping route
WATCHING Devices can track your shopping route
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Not content with watching us on CCTV in the street and even putting devices in our bins to check what we’re throwing away, now they’re spying on us in the supermarket.

Is nowhere free from surveillance these days?

A Big Brother-style tracking device has been developed that fits on to your shopping trolley and knows what you buy and the exact route you take to get it.

The big stores already find out all about us and our shopping habits through the their loyalty card schemes.

Millions of us have them for those enticing vouchers and they can tell analysts a lot about how we live our lives, not just what we like to eat.

They know what we’re buying and how, when and where we’re doing it. Yet they’re clearly not satisfied with that. Now they want to find out how we navigate our way around their supermarkets.

I know somebody who works in planning for one of the store giants and you wouldn’t believe how much time and effort goes into working out the habits of the shopping public, right down to exactly where certain products are displayed in each store. It’s a very sophisticated business.

Not surprisingly, the civil liberties groups are none too keen on this latest development.

But if you don’t like the idea of having your every move recorded and analysed, I have a simple plan.

Instead of your normal journey around the store, deliberately go straight to aisle 31, then seven, then 22 and so on.

Double back on yourself, zig zag and make sure you buy several totally random items on every visit.

Or what about this? Think of five products all beginning with the same letter and proceed to collect them in order no matter where they are in the store. Eg biscuits, batteries, bath foam, beer and bread.

Who knows, it could actually make shopping fun. And it should really confuse the army of suits busy gathering information back at company HQ.

Plus, it will get the supermarkets back for all those infuriating times they move things to different aisles just when you’ve got used to where they are.