Nothing wrong with a waffle

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Of the many hats a parent has to wear, the one I’m struggling with a bit at the moment is the chef.

Cooking can be very therapeutic and given the time and resources, I’m more than happy to spend a few hours pounding the chopping board, preparing a gastronomic delight.

Sadly though, once I’ve finished work, done the school run, then the pick up/drop off at Rainbows, walked the dog and changed a nappy or six – I’ve got under 13 seconds to think about and prepare a meal.

As family we eat healthily a lot of the time, but sometimes a baking tray and gas mark six can be a parent’s best friend.

Jamie Oliver may be on a one man crusade to gorge the nation on fresh veg everyday, but there is something to be said for fish fingers, potato waffles and baked beans.

The best thing is, the kids like it too.