Now I know silence isn’t always golden

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Something strange is going on in the Hayden household this week.

Things just aren’t like they usually are.

In fact, it’s all a bit unsettling and I’m not sure I like it.

For example, every night before I go to sleep I’ll usually set my alarm to wake me up in the morning so that I wont be late for work or any meeting I’ve got planned.

But I should know by now that since becoming a dad, I don’t actually need to set any kind of alarm as I have my very own little human alarm clocks in the form of my two daughters, Caitlin and Alyssa.

Caitlin will usually wander through to our bedroom when she’s decided she’s had a sufficient amount of sleep.

And Alyssa, who seems to wake as soon as the sun rises (not good in summer), will be making a grunting sound, which I’ve worked out translates into a request to be lifted out of her cot.

But this week things have been completely different.

The first thing I’m hearing in the morning is no longer the sound of Caitlin’s feet jumping out of her bed and making her way to our bedroom.

It’s not Alyssa’s cave man like noises either. Instead, it’s the buzzing of my alarm.

I’m finally getting to press the snooze button and enjoy five more minutes in bed.

If only the children had a snooze button.

Then, when I clamber out of bed and make my way out of the bedroom and down the stairs, the carpet is clear and there aren’t the usual dollies or toys left lying around for me to stub my toe on or trip over.

The most unsettling thing though is how quiet the house has been this week.

You can hear a pin drop. And the reason for this is that Serena and the girls have taken a trip away with their grandparents for a few days.

Daddy, who had to work, has been left behind at home.

Some might say that silence is golden, but I’ve got so used to a noisy house that, to be honest, I’d prefer a bit of noise.

And I’ve got so used to dodging toys on the carpet that everything looks a bit too neat and tidy.

Even though I don’t need to be, I’m still in child and baby mode.

I still put my hot cup of coffee up high where little hands can’t reach it and think I need to go to bed early because I’ll be up early with the girls.

You’d think I would like having the house to myself and having a break from the madness.

But I’ve surprised myself as I’m quite missing all the noise and mess that comes with having children.

I just won’t be telling them that when they return and I’m asking them to be quiet or tidy up.