Now I’m past the 30 mark, does my crisis have to stop?

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It was my birthday last weekend (I know, I managed to keep that little gem quiet)

I turned 31. Yuk – it just doesn’t feel right to declare that I, Cheryl Gibbs, am that old.

Does that mean, now I’m past the 30 mark, my crisis has to stop? Don’t forget I’ve been living my ‘turning 30’ crisis for a whole year.

But now I’m actually past it, do I have to grow up because I’m not too keen on that idea.

I quite like wallowing in self-pity – hee, hee. And I never understand why people say I’m dramatic!

Although, as my dad keeps pointing out, it’s better to have another birthday and get older than not.

So perhaps I should stop whingeing…

I had a relatively quiet birthday – my partner Matt took the day off and we did what we always do on our birthdays. It’s our favourite activity of going to the cinema!

I know, how very rock and roll of me. Every year he asks what I want to do and every year it’s the same, because I love nothing more than sitting on my butt, with a tub of deliciously calorific ice cream, feeling guilt-free (because of said birthday) while watching a good movie.

We saw Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks, which is a superb film about the true story of merchant mariner Captain Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean during the Maersk Alabama hijacking in 2009.

It was another one of those ‘I really need the toilet, but I can’t get up because I might miss something important’ movies. I loved it!

In the evening Matt and I went to Agora, the Greek and Turkish restaurant in Southsea. I’ve been trying to go there for years, so was thrilled when Matt organised it.

It’s similar to how tapas food is served – lots of little plates, like a mezze.

The waitress looked a little shocked when we ordered five starters between us! When I told her it was my birthday and the only day when I won’t think about how many calories I’ve eaten, she nodded in understanding and then brought out a giant slab of chocolate cake and whipped cream and sang Happy Birthday to me!