Now is the time to go on a euro hunt – but don’t expect much

STEVE CANAVAN: My condition is a right old pain in the neck

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In case you didn’t know, today is officially the day you should start searching your house for the foreign currency (usually euros), that you brought back from your holiday last year in 
order to take it on holiday this year.

You have to start the search today because it’s going to take you so long to remember where you put it that you need to allow yourself at least three to four weeks to find it.

In all probability it’ll be in the second drawer down of the last storage unit in your house that you look in.

And there will never be as much as you thought there was either. Just so you know.

Here is the big dairy product etiquette question of the week.

When you buy a tub of butter or spread, under the lid you’ll find a piece of foil to keep it fresh.

Now, I find people fall into one of two groups.

Either they peel it back but keep it inside the tub or they rip it out completely.

But I can’t decide which is the best thing to do.

If I keep it in the tub is it actually helping to keep the dairy spread any fresher?

I’m not sure that it is.

But, if I peel it off and throw it away, am I being wasteful?  Someone must know the best thing to do.

Please help me because I’m losing sleep over this!

Something I’d like to know because I’m a bit inquisitive – now it’s the summer which of these two camps do you fall into?

Do you turn your shower temperature down to enjoy cooler water when it’s a little bit hotter, or do you keep the water at the same temperature regardless because you think you won’t clean yourself properly if you don’t?

Because I think this can be a relationship sticking point. If one of you likes a cooler shower in the summer, they’ll invariably fail to turn the temperature up again when they get out of the shower.

So their partner could be in for a bit of a shock and a lot of urgent fiddling around with the shower controls.

I’m just trying to figure out which is best. Cooler showers in summer or same temperature ones?