Now watch the royal couple age

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It’s a big year for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they go from having one child to two and as any parent with more than one child will know, this changes things in a big way.

The first is time management. With the first child there was time to arrange the daily schedule around nap times and feeding times so a routine was well and truly established.

Now, with another child in the mix, that routine goes out of the window and although you try to accommodate their needs when they are ready, sometimes they’ll have to wait until you are ready.

Another change is cleanliness. The first baby would get a new change of clothes after any spillage on their white babygrow. With the second child those wet wipes come in very handy.

Then there are the photos. With the first baby it was a new experience and every moment was captured on your camera phone. Now you still take photos but nowhere near the same number as the first time around.

The biggest change is that two children will kick-start your ageing process... well, that’s what I’ve blamed it on.