Oh, I do loom to be beside the seaside

Tyler Blythe's loom band
Tyler Blythe's loom band
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Welcome to another Terrific Tuesday Chipsters.

Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week because it’s the day the mobile butcher passes my kennel and he always drops in a couple of big, juicy bones for me to gnaw.

Rock-Up Whiteley PPP-141124-124618001

Rock-Up Whiteley PPP-141124-124618001

Bet you didn’t know that 191 years ago a bit of history was made which is highly relevant to us here.

For it was on November 25, 1823 that the first pleasure pier opened. It was just along the coast at Brighton and it was called The Chain Pier.

It meant that for the first time people were able to go for a walk out to sea far above the waves. It closed in 1896 and was destroyed in a storm the same year.

But it meant that lots of other seaside towns built their own piers and here in Portsmouth we have two – Clarence Pier, the one with the funfair, and South Parade, which is currently closed and in a sorry state.

I used to love being taken for walks along South Parade Pier.

And while we’re on the subject of walks, congratulations to Chipster 1934 Tyler Blythe.

That’s a piece of his fantastic loom band work on the right – a section which is going towards making my new lead for all my winter walks beside the sea.

Tyler asks if I like the colours he’s chosen, a striking combination of red and black. Like it? I love it. I’ll be the envy of the prom. Tyler wins a goldfish aquarium from Jollyes Petfood Superstore at Waterlooville.

And still on the subject of competitions... rock on Ben Rees and congratulations!

Chipster 1299 Ben is the latest winner in my splendiferous weekly competitions.

He has won a family climbing session at the new indoor climbing centre at the Whiteley shopping centre near Fareham.

Rock Up and Climb has 70 different climbing combinations across 26 climbs.

It you weren’t lucky in that competition, why not have a go at today’s. We’ve got three family tickets to give away to Chipper Club members for Drusillas Park. Good luck.

Happy Tuesday to you all. Chip chip for now.

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