Oh no, I’ve had to buy leggings

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I’ve just treated myself to a pair of mid-calf, fur-trimmed lace-up boots.

Very swish darlings.

Except they don’t work under trousers. But when I tucked my trousers in I looked like a Russian Cossack dancer.

Oh girls, what to do?

There is only one solution.


The thought of a roly-poly pensioner like me in leggings gave me palpitations.

With a big sorry to the sisterhood, I think fat birds in leggings just look dreadful.

And did you know 
leggings can make you fat?

They hold the tummy and leg muscles in, making them lazy and flabby.

The delightful Sam of Preview Boutique got me a pair of velour-lined leggings. Ooh!

But even with my coat and boots on I still find it draughty round my aged oompahpah rear.