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Like the rest of the world I was stunned to hear the news about Robin Williams’s death. Any death is sad, but when you hear that it was suicide, well, there are few words that can offer comfort to anyone.

It’s tragic that someone feels so deeply depressed they see no way out other than death – imagine feeling that low? In fact, don’t – I wouldn’t wish that kind of darkness on anyone. It just goes to show that regardless of who you are, your status, fame or fortune, happiness comes from within.

So if you’re reading this and you’ve had a bad day or a bad week, or perhaps for whatever reason you feel down, take solace in some of the things you have going for you and focus on that.

When I feel low, and let’s be honest we all do from time to time, I always think about my family. I think about my fiancé, my parents and sisters and always my nieces and nephews. It brings a bit of light to my day.

Anyway, let me try to put a smile on your face by telling you about my disastrous trip to the Isle of Wight at the weekend.

One of my best friends lives there and I usually try to get over for Cowes week. It’s become a bit of a tradition. I left work early on Friday so I could get the 5.45pm hovercraft.

The train journey back from London was unusually trouble-free. The sun was shining through the window, the sky was clear. All looked good until I boarded the hover when suddenly the sky was heavy with thick black clouds and the heavens opened. I was confident they would pass, but they didn’t.

It rained continuously all evening, from the moment I boarded the hover until the moment we got back to her house. Which was when it stopped. Literally it stopped as we crossed the threshold to her house. I couldn’t believe it.

The hover isn’t cheap and neither are the things you do over there, such as dinner out and the water taxi to Cowes to watch the fireworks.

It rained the entire time: during the fireworks and during dinner (which my friend had originally booked for us to eat outside with a stunning view over the harbour). I couldn’t help but laugh at it all.