Olympics are still worth it - because of Twenty Twelve

CAP: Verity Lush was anxious and embarrassed about going for an intimate MRI scan - but now has to go through it all again!

VERITY LUSH: Oh, the indignity of an x-ray toilet

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Ground-to-air missiles sited on the roof of a tenement block and a battleship stationed off Weymouth in case the sailing competitions are subjected to a terrorist attack.

Then there’s two weeks of mayhem for the people of London for an event which is bound to go over budget because it always does.

There are times when you wonder if the Olympics are worth all the trouble – then you sit down and watch Twenty Twelve.

Hilarious, nuanced and, one suspects, suspiciously close to the truth, the latest series ended with the Games still a year away.

That means there should be at least three more – one leading up to the event, one set during it and another in the aftermath.

Deep joy.