On second thoughts, I’m not ready for adventure

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C hristmas is meant to be a time to chill, for putting your feet up and taking a break from the stresses and strains of the past year.

Don that kitsch Rudolph jumper, find your baggiest, most elasticated pair of jogging bottoms and slob out on the sofa whilst munching through a whole family-sized tin of Quality Street in one sitting,

Appealing as that little scenario might be to many of us, yours truly included, gorging myself senseless on a mountain of rich food and doubling my own body weight in just days, then facing the harsh prospect of having to spend January in the gym trying to get rid of the unwanted flab, is less than appealing.

I actually feel like spending the festive period doing something quite adventurous, fun and a little crazy.

Something to awaken the senses, get the adrenaline racing around and the blood pumping through my veins.

Maybe getting lost in a dense, wild forest just so I can find my way back, or leaping out of a plane at 12,000ft, heart pounding, before floating through the air as I freefall.

The most extreme thing I’ve ever done in life is the time I decided to jump on my friend’s semi-wild horse and attempt to jump a cross-country course at Cams Alders in Fareham in the days before it was built on and was just grassland.

I was only 12, It’s funny, but when you are young you seem to have no sense of fear or danger.

The only thing I’d ever jumped before was a puddle on two legs.

Anyhow, I leapt on to the steed, my friend gave him a whack on the bottom and off we went.

I clung on for dear life, grabbing a handful of mane and wrapping my legs tightly round his middle.

We managed the first fence and the second, just, but the third was an open ditch of gloopy mud.

He skidded to a halt, then did a huge buckaroo which threw me forward and I sailed straight over his head on to a lovely fresh dollop of smelly horse dung.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe I’m not quite ready for an extreme challenge this Chrimbo.

Sitting in front of the box seems a much gentler pastime!