Once again the motorist is being used as a cash cow

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher
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Following on from the congestion charge introduced by predecessor ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone, London mayor Sadiq Khan is looking to further shaft motorists entering London by introducing a pollution tax.

Vehicles not meeting European standards of emissions will now have to pay £10 for the pleasure of driving through England’s capital city.

For me, these pollution taxes are just income-generating rackets. There is more pollution created from manufacturing a new car than running it until it dies.

It would be environmentally unsound to scrap an old car and replace it with a new one just to meet these pollution requirements. But hey, that’s none of my business.

Once again it’s the motorist that is being used as a cash cow. Penalising those people with cars more than 10 years old and who can’t afford a new set of wheels is hardly right.

I mean, it’s not as if people really want to drive around in a 14-year-old Ford Mondeo instead of a shiny new BMW, is it?

This pollution charge will just put people off going to London.

The answer is to stay away. The place is a dump anyway – I really don’t like going there and this will just be another reason not to visit.

Anyway, the only times I’ve been to London over the past few years were to watch some sporting event or another.

But what about the working man or woman who has to travel into the capital every day for work?

The charge is more money they’re going to have to lose from their day’s wage, on top of the congestion charge and extortionate parking fees they already have to shell out for.

Unfortunately the duct-fitter can’t carry a length of spiral on the park and ride and the plumber can’t carry all his tools on the Tube.

So they will just get hammered every day with these stealth taxes so the new mayor can fund his weird luvvie projects.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that London would grind to a halt without these people. Yet those in power won’t be happy until the only transport people can use in the city is a horse or a bicycle.


Weren’t the Brit Awards a load of rubbish this year?

I’m hardly a fan of most of the music about at the moment, but nevertheless I reckon it was a sorry indictment of the music scene in this country.

In years gone by you could put up with the dross because there’d be car-crash presenters and moments of controversy.

But now it’s all gone rather safe and boring.

Where’s the rock ’n’ roll edginess?

Sadly gone are the days of Jarvis Cocker stage invasions, or a surly Liam Gallagher bowling about the place threatening to chin everyone.

Nowadays it’s that nice Chris Martin handing out hummus and carrot sticks backstage!


As more theories surfaced about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in the Smith household we were one step closer to solving the mystery of what happened to her.

Rather than her spending half-term making slime or falling off the trampoline, I came home from work to find my 11-year-old daughter had gone all Miss Marple.

Covering the table were drawings of the McCanns’ holiday apartment and surrounding area.

There were also flow charts, spider graphs, timelines and lists of possible suspects.

Honestly, it could have been a scene out of CSI Portsmouth. What prompted it I really don’t know, but at this rate she’s heading for a regular slot on Crimewatch.