Once again, you have shown your generosity

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How many times have we had cause to praise the generosity of our army of readers? Well, if we were keeping a tally, we should have lost count many moons ago.

So it’s no surprise that today once again we celebrate that kindness. This time the beneficiary is six-year-old Aston Muff – and seldom can there have been such a worthy recipient of help.

The little boy with cerebral palsy touched the hearts of thousands when a rogue scrap metal thief stole his walking frame.

The response from News readers was immediate – and immense.

And not only did it comprise messages of support for the little lad and indignation and anger at what had happened, but practical help as well.

Without being asked, readers straight away put their hands into their pockets,

No sooner had our story hit the news stands than the money began pouring in.

It was soon clear that there would be a lot more than enough to pay the £150 or so needed for a new metal frame to help Aston get back on his feet and mobile again.

His mum generously announced that the surplus would go to the centre which Aston attends, to help work with other children who have mobility problems such as his – and still the donations poured in.

It was a classic case of good news coming out of bad.

The only shame perhaps is that the person who took Aston’s original frame from outside his Paulsgrove home has never been traced.

It would be nice to think that even now, someone somewhere who knows who was responsible might do the right thing and ring the police.

But in the meantime, we know that readers will join us in wishing Aston and his family well for the future.

The little lad has been deeply appreciative of the support and practical assistance given to him and, for our part, it has been a pleasure to report how so many people have rallied to help.

We join Aston and his family in thanking you one and all for once again showing the true human spirit.