One day, it could be you who needs looking after

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At some point in our lives we will be required to care for someone, whether it is for a friend or a relative who’s unwell or physically incapable in some way.

The whole concept of caring for someone shouldn’t be seen as a responsibility, but a duty, as and when it is needed.

The need to care for a person isn’t something any of us can escape.

We will forever be required to look out for others and ensure they are safe and comfortable.

The way people are cared for across the world varies. People have their different theories, medications and ideas on healing.

Either way there is still an attitude of care in the hope that someone would be on the road to getting better.

I really believe that caring for someone in need should never be presented as an inconvenience or a burden.

And whoever is being looked after doesn’t deserve to feel uncomfortable around whoever is supporting them.

People who are being cared for greatly appreciate all the help they receive even though at times you will stumble across people who are reluctant to show their thanks.

Thousands of people have given up their own lives and often their careers to support those they love.

This admirable move often isn’t recognised and those who do quite literally give away all they have to support others should be noticed and appreciated.

Taking care of an individual is not just about an action but the mindset you have when doing so.

To have a mindset which is of the intention to care for somebody is incredible and shows that your heart is vast.

Not everyone fancies the thought of watching out for those in need. Although, accepting it when it needs to be done is also a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately people do ignore those who require an extra pair of hands and remain oblivious to the fact they may be in a similar position one day. There is one type of carer who I firmly admire for everything they do – young carers.

To balance a social life, education and the duty which comes with being a young carer is mind-blowing.

I have met numerous young carers over the years and actually went to school with someone who had incredibly long days as a result of looking after their mother when returning home.

As young people, it’s important to appreciate all that carers do and ensure you don’t remain arrogant of the fact it will never be you caring. Because it may well be you next.