One day to change youngsters’ lives

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Global Radio is the company that owns Heart, the radio station I present for, as well as other well-known and loved stations including Capital FM, Classic FM and Smooth.

Last Thursday was Global’s Make Some Noise day with all the radio stations dedicating one day to one aim which was to raise as much money as possible to change young people’s lives.

This is done by supporting especially-selected projects up and down the country which deliver life-changing work to youngsters and their families in their communities.

They can often be small, operating on a shoestring or tackling an issue that is little understood.

As well as providing financial grants the spotlight is shone on these brilliant and worthwhile projects and awareness is raised among Global Radio’s 23 million listeners.

Since I became a father six years ago I feel I pay a lot more attention to charities that support children.

I feel being a dad has made me more compassionate than ever and I think it is impossible to be a parent and not feel a motivation or desire to help children who are less fortunate than your own.

This is why I felt honoured to be part of this cause and contribute through my job as a presenter on Heart to raising awareness among the listeners to my show.

Each year Global Radio awards grants to these selected projects throughout the country and one of the projects we support is The Rainbow Centre at Fareham.

It inspires and supports children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy, just like three-year-old Matilda.

She contracted an infection that caused serious brain damage and cerebral palsy and was told she would never be able to use any of her limbs again.

She’s been going to the Rainbow Centre for two years and is now able to use her arms and hands.

This is a massive step for her, but she still has so far to go.

The Rainbow Centre receives no government funding and it needs to raise more than £600,000 every year to be able to continue delivering its services.

Therefore it relies on the support of businesses, its own fundraising events and donations to help it reach that goal.

Last Thursday Heart listeners and other Global Radio stations here in the south and up and down the country helped raise more than £1.5m which will help projects across the UK including the Rainbow Centre.

This proves that just one day can make such a huge difference and I was proud to be a small part of it.

If you’d like to donate to Global’s Make Some Noise you’ll find all the info at