One Direction go on a spending spree

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Interesting pop fact of the week: in the Justin Bieber song Never Say Never, the word ‘Never’ is mentioned 73 times.

That’s interesting because, every time someone asks me if I’d like to hear a song by Justin Bieber, I mention the same word 73 times too.

* One Direction’s Liam Payne has lashed out at a group of Twitter followers who accused his girlfriend of being a gold digger. He says there’s no way she’d take him for everything he’s got as she’d have to get past Simon Cowell in the queue first. Bandmate Louis Tomlinson is claimed to have shelled out £2.5 million on a luxury pad in North London. This comes shortly after the news that Harry Styles recently bought a £575,000 apartment in the capital too.

* Suggs from Madness has joked about playing between the Sirs at the Diamond Jubilee concert and that he’d settle for a knighthood for the band as Sir Madness. Meanwhile, Sir Paul McCartney is giving fans the chance to remix his songs by launching an online version of his home recording studio.

* Kanye West wants to build a theme park. The rapper wants to use his design company, Donda, to create a resort that will ‘change entertainment experiences’. Hmmm. He could join Bill Gates in trying to wipe out malaria in Africa. But, hey, theme parks are good too.

* Posh has admitted the truth, she’s not a talented singer, and agreed with her husband that they’re just a normal couple who are not interested in celebrity and money, which isn’t the truth. David Beckham has revealed that he and Posh like to go out at least once a week for a quiet, romantic dinner. He goes on Tuesdays and she goes on Thursdays.

* Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that she could have been a plumber if she didn’t have a career in music. It’s tragic in some ways. Judging by what my plumber charges, she could have earned more.

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