One good deed doesn’t wipe out historic battle of sexes

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COMMENT: Government needs to dig deep to find extra cash

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As I’m not that fussed on football, I don’t think Richard Keys and Andy Gray can hold too much against me. Hands up, I know the theory of the offside rule but couldn’t spot it being broken if my life depended on it.

That’s why I’m not inclined to jump on the sisterhood bandwagon and insist that losing their jobs wasn’t a big enough punishment for the pair of numpties. Let’s face it, it wasn’t the biggest crime.

In fact, there’s one thing I’ve really enjoyed about the furore their old-fashioned, off-camera comments have caused. It’s been great to see how many men have felt the need to jump to our defence.

Thanks, but we wouldn’t be doing the same for you. And it doesn’t excuse all you’ve ever said about the way we park our cars either.