One life saved by zig-zag cameras will justify cost

You can already hear the squealing from parents faced with a £70 fine: '˜But I was only dropping him off' or '˜I was only there for a minute'.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 6:06 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:52 pm

But those mums and dads causing an obstruction in the road outside schools could be their own worst enemies.

Their inconsiderate and extremely anti-social parking outside their child’s school might easily result in the death of their child or someone else’s.

How pathetic would those excuses sound then?

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As we have said here before, there is no excuse for anyone to park on school zig-zag lines. Ever.

It’s not just The News. A survey of parents, teachers and school governors showed 84 per cent believed children were in danger on roads outside city schools.

Yet still they do it and that is why the city council is now considering spending £54,000 on two mobile cameras to catch those who park illegally outside schools.

Doubtless there will be the usual chorus of disapproval about infringing human rights and big brother, but in this instance it’s an argument without an iota of value.

If these cameras prevent one child from being slightly injured, let alone killed, it will be money well spent.

Yes, modern living is pressurised and family life more frantic than a generation ago.

But, if parents insist on driving their offspring to school they should get up earlier, get the family up earlier and leave earlier. Or they could walk.

Forget the £70 fine for a moment. What would be infinitely worse to contend with is the anger, if not hatred, you would have to contend with from other parents and neighbours if your thoughtless parking caused the death of a child.

You would not dream (we hope) of parking or waiting on the zig-zags either side of a zebra or pelican crossing.

So don’t do it outside a school.