One of those weeks where everything has gone wrong

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This week has been, well, a nightmare in all honesty.

I know no-one likes to hear people whinge, but let me indulge just this once because it really has been one of those weeks where everything has gone wrong.

To begin on Sunday my brand new computer started downloading some files that I needed. At the time of writing this on Thursday morning, the files still haven’t finished downloading, which means that I’ve had a week of doing zilch and not getting paid.

I tried not to get wound up by the fact that these girls could have chosen any spot on the miles of sand

You see, I’ve been asked by a travel production company to edit some of its travel programmes, which not only is money we desperately need but something I genuinely would love to do.

I’ve tried everything to get the download to go quicker, but to no avail.

On Wednesday, I decided to make the best of a bad situation and went to Hayling Island on my own for a couple of hours. If you recall, it was said to be the hottest day on record in July and yet, despite the beautiful blue sky when I left Portsmouth, when I arrived at Hayling and got out of the car it started raining.

Still determined to make the most of it, I went and parked myself on the beach and was rather content for a while given that I had the entire stretch to myself.

That is until a couple of mothers with their toddlers decided that they wanted to park themselves right by me. So not only could I hear every riveting thing they were discussing, I could hear their children attempting to play, getting told off and then crying.

I tried not to get wound up by the fact that these girls could have chosen any spot on the miles of sand. But hey ho.

Then another friend turned up with another three babies and a giant tent that she pitched right in front of me – not kidding.

Of all the blinking places! So I left and went further down the beach and sat next to what I thought would be a relatively quiet and respectful group of ladies in their 40s. But the language they came out with was, how shall I put it, ‘colourful’.

That afternoon as I sat in the garden, one of the neighbour’s cats wandered over. I let him on my lap and he bit me!

I had to go to the doctor’s for a tetanus shot. Great week, eh?