One of us needs etiquette classes - and it isn’t me

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It was a night of glitz and glamour, of posh frocks and smart suits. And I was there. Yes, last Friday I attended The News Business Excellence Awards because my company, I Am Now Media, was shortlisted in the New Business of the Year category.

We were thrilled. Many successful PR and production companies are based in London. If they’re not, then they’re eventually forced to move to the big city because that’s where the industry is.

But it’s important to me and my business partner, Helen Buteux, that we keep our business here in Portsmouth. We both love it here and although the commute to London for meetings and work opportunities is frequent and rather boring, we intend to keep it local.

Being nominated was a great honour and so I decided to get all glammed up. I bought a posh outfit and I reckon I did myself proud. We started the night with some Champagne (very fancy I know) and, as we moved into the main room of the Guildhall for the event to unfold, I knew it was going to be a good night – and it really was.

However, you knew there was something coming didn’t you? As per usual, I got myself into a rather awkward situation when some guy sitting on our table thought I’d pinched his bottle of wine!

How dare he? Would I, Cheryl Gibbs, the girl with a massive conscience, nick somebody’s vino? Well, kind of, but you need to hear me out.

As we all sat down, I scanned the room and noticed that everyone was pouring themselves wine from bottles on the tables. So naturally I did the same – what’s a cheeky glass between friends?

When I then started to pour one for Vicki, our wonderful PR assistant, the guy sat next to me looked me straight in the eye and said: ‘Why are you drinking my bottle of wine?’

He was deadly serious and, although I tried desperately to apologise and make light of the situation by immediately ordering another bottle, he looked rather miffed off.

I felt really bad and he was not a happy bunny – until the next bottle came out and then all was well with the world.

But it’s clear that one of us needs to go to etiquette classes and, quite honestly, I don’t think it’s me!