One situation where sharing is definitely not a good idea

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RICK JACKSON: My long-term bid to become the Fred Dinenage of radio

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There are few things worse than sitting in an office full of coughing and sneezing colleagues.

What has office culture come to when we all feel the need to turn up, however rough we are, and proceed to be unproductive while spreading germs and diseases to previously healthy people?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing attractive about sitting there when your nose is dripping snot or you don’t get to your tissue in time to collect that sneeze.

Surely it would be better if we accepted that, actually, it’s not big or clever to be spluttering on the photocopier and causing people not only to swear at the paperjams, but also to feel like death warmed up for weeks. This is certainly one situation where it’s not good to share.