One year on, I managed tofit into my wedding dress

So I actually did it '“ yep, I got into my wedding dress one year after we got married.

Friday, 20th May 2016, 6:01 am

Now I see it written in black and white. it doesn’t sound like a huge achievement.

But it wasn’t an easy feat, I can assure you – just as it wasn’t an easy task when we got married!

Admittedly I had to wear my veil all evening (my back doesn’t look quite as toned as it did), but let’s not focus on that.

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No-one batted an eyelid about the fact I wore it throughout our first annivesrary party. I think they all thought I was taking it very seriously, which of course I was, ha ha.

It was such a good evening and we had the most amazing weekend.

It felt really special, which is exactly why I made a big deal of our anniversary.

It wasn’t because I thought staying married for a whole year was something of an achievement.

We’ve been together so long, so another year wasn’t going to make any difference, even if we were husband and wife.

I just think that life goes by so quickly and you get caught up in the rat race.

So I made the decision that I wanted all our family and friends to get together again and have the kind of night we had at our wedding party.

It turned out to be fantastic. We stayed at the Marriott Hotel near Port Solent that evening, which was where I’d got ready for our wedding so it had plenty of happy memories.

Then on the Sunday we travelled to Bournemouth and stayed at the Suncliff Hotel, which was brilliant.

It was just such a special weekend and I’m so glad I stuck to my guns and went ahead with the party.

I did get flak for it, I have to say. Lots of people said things like ‘why on earth are you having a party after a year?’ and ‘Jeez Cheryl, talk about milking it’.

But after the party their opinions changed and I received texts like ‘well played’ and ‘fab night’ – I know what I’m doing now’!

My sister and best friends also donned their wedding dresses and people came in bridesmaid dresses, wedding suits and fancy outfits and ballgowns.

It was a very special evening and we loved every second of it!


Still on Loose Women, I was rather shocked to hear 46-year-old presenter and businesswoman Saira Khan admit on the show to telling her husband that he could sleep with another woman because she no longer felt like having sex.

On the one hand I admire her honesty.

I’m sure there are women out there who can relate to her and I find that honesty a very powerful thing.

But the problem is that I’m not sure it breeds the right type of morals.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t pay for us all to be the same.

But surely when you’ve married someone and taken a solemn vow to be faithful to them, then allowing your other half the freedom to break that vow is surely a slippery slope?


There was another Loose Women incident this week – Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey was on with the model and they were talking about internet trolls.

I think it’s absolutely disgusting that anyone would troll or abuse anyone, let alone a child who is disabled. The internet is a fab tool and has changed the way we all live our lives – mostly for the better.

But the fact that some people use their time to be deliberately nasty and hurtful to others baffles me.

Anyway, Katie asked Harvey live on TV what he said to the trolls and he uttered a very rude word.

She suffered an enormous backlash for taking her disabled son on live TV. But whatever you think about that, surely he can’t be held accountable for his actions.