Opening ceremony really showcased best of British

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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Goose-bumps, hairs on end, lump in my throat and watering eyes. I could not blame this on hayfever.

I was beaming with pride as the rest of the world looked on at the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games.

We haven’t had much to bang our drum about in the UK. But as we try and hold our head above the water while Europe continues to falter economically, I felt the world reacquainted itself with us.

In my mind, the opening ceremony was a triumph. Best of British indeed, with the Queen appearing in her first-ever acting role, Mr Bean and David Beckham making his cameo.

The genius who came up with the design for the Olympic cauldron should be knighted. I have never seen such an inspiring, original and breathtaking Olympic flame – 204 ‘petals’ for each competing nation joined together at the opening ceremony to create one huge flame.

So after the hype came the action.

Have you discovered the 24 dedicated TV channels on Sky from the BBC?

With every sport covered live, I have been hooked.

I spend most mornings in my pants on the sofa just watching handball, volleyball, archery, swimming or horse jumping. It’s been a massive roller-coaster of emotion.

By the time I leave for work in the afternoon, three hours have passed in a few minutes and I’m exhausted.

That’s what the Olympics is all about – discovering sports that you would never normally dream of watching and seeing stars made out of the competitors.

This is why football, tennis and golf should not be involved in the next Olympics.

But with the hype comes the expectation.

Do you think we are putting too much pressure on Team GB to deliver?

Was fourth in the medal tally at Beijing a fluke?

Are we expecting too much from Tom Daly, Jessica Ennis, Sir Chris Hoy and the rest of them?

Only time will tell, but as we gradually make our way up the table, with some gold medals finally being won, I’m starting to have hope. Come on Team GB!