OPINION: The mind boggles over that really disgusting MoneySuperMarket ad

What is it about MoneySuperMarket.com that thinks it's acceptable to put out the perverse TV advert (that's garnered 898 complaints), featuring the revolting, obscene '˜dance stand-off' between shorts-wearing men, (apparently businessmen), in jackets, ties and high heels versus pot-bellied, fat-bottomed builders in builders' gear?

The mind boggles at this disgusting advert.

Whatever it’s meant to portray is completely lost amongst the awfulness of the whole thing.

But its pointless complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority because, according to their chief executive, they only ban adverts that are ‘misleading’.

So now we know.

So no matter how degrading, disgusting and vomit inducing, this is acceptable?

Well ASA, you’re a complete waste of space and unacceptable.

* This letter was submitted to The News by Pat Huxtable of Nettlestone Road, Southsea