OPINION: Will my love for old buses get me a free cruise? Probably not - Rick Jackson

I need to become a YouTuber and quick. It really does seem to be the way to go. You don’t have to be good on the telly, in fact, it’s better if you are not. I’m looking at changing my seven-seater SUV for a decent drivers’ car but one that is also practical.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 12:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 2:29 pm
DREAM: Rick's considering a BMW Series 5 Touring

I’m thinking a BMW 5 series Touring, an Audi A6 Avant or the Jaguar XF Sportback.

Do a search on YouTube and not only are there a plethora of car reviewers for firms like Carwow,

Carbuyer and What Car, but also many amateur reviewers too.

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Once chap recommended the VW Golf R Estate with a 310 horsepower engine. What a beaut, and a beast.

Another featured two men who Jaguar sent to Portugal to test the latest cars in the range. I could do that!

There are also reviews from Harry’s Garage and The Car Guys plus Petrol Ped who loves his German performance cars.

It turns out that these people are given cars by the manufacturers to review. The raw, worts and all

presentation gives them a much more realistic feel.

It’s the same with holidays.

We wanted to see what a P&O cruise ship was like onboard before we booked a holiday.

There are loads and loads of videos on YouTube from people who have posted edited versions of their cruises, with tours of their cabins plus the restaurants and lounges.

Many are awful but you get to see the ships for how they really are, not through the soft focus lens from a professional production company.

I met a couple recently who were videoing on a new cruise ship. They now do it all the time after posting their first ever cruise online.

They said as soon as they got more than 10,000 followers on YouTube, cruise companies decided to give

them free cruises, upgrades and invitations to many events.

I really need to get myself on YouTube.

But I need to find something I know a lot about and I don’t think bus preservation is going to get me a free cruise to the Med.


I’m bleeding to death and all she cares about is our kitchen

We all know men are from Venus and women from Mars. Or is it the other way round?

Here's a perfect example of the difference in the sexes and it happened in our kitchen at the weekend.

I was cooking curry at our new island in the kitchen. I was chopping ingredients when I dropped the sharp, large knife. The sharp pointy bit went into my leg and dropped to the floor.

Sarah screamed and rushed over saying ‘oh no’ over and over again. ‘You’d better not have left a mark on our new floor,’ she exclaimed, as blood poured from my leg and into my slippers.

Luckily my shin broke the knife’s fall, much to Sarah’s relief and my agony!


Here’s my guilty secret – I’ve become a Love Island fan…

I have a confession. I watched Love Island on Friday… and enjoyed it.

I even asked questions about the contestants and who fancied who. It didn’t take long to get engrossed as I like people-watching and am fascinated by human behaviour.

It seems they all start by fancying the pants off each other, but in the end it’s personality that counts, not looks. Quite refreshing really when you see the amount of flesh on display. 

It seems most viewers want them to find love and not act like rabbits on heat and, to be fair, it’s the former that seems to be happening mostly.

The fact they are in a beautiful villa in Majorca and could win £50,000 and fame and fortune is irrelevant!