Opinions are still based on looks

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S o, you’ve tried all the internet dating sites, joined singles clubs and social groups. But what about looking for the darling of your dreams – in the dark?

There’s a programme on Pick TV called Dating in the Dark. It features three twentysomething gals (usually glamour models, beauticians or fitness instructors). Oh, just your everyday Brit Babes then. Yeah, right.

And there are three young fellas (mostly bulging biceps types). None of your spotty, scrawny blokes then.

All six say they’re sick of superficial relationships based on good looks. They want to meet someone with depth and personality.

Then they ‘date’ in the dark. But at the ‘reveal’, where they get to see each other, they decide their date is not good-looking enough.

Nothing changes. People will always be influenced by what they see.