Our day has arrived early

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I suddenly felt old this week.

Not because it was my birthday and I’m getting ever closer to my age beginning with a three.

But because I used a phrase that I’ve only ever heard my parents or grandparents say.

That’s right, I said: ‘In our day’.

I’m waiting for the old-before-your-time police to knock on my door any minute and arrest me for letting all 20-somethings down.

I’m only 28, so how did that phrase come out of my mouth?

Well when I say ‘in our day’, I’m referring to when my partner Serena and I were the same age as our children, who are now two and nine months.

The most recent ‘in our day’ to come out of my mouth was whilst flicking through the channels on the TV.

What astonished me was how many children’s TV channels are available.

When Waybuloo was finished on one channel I’d find it on another with just one click of the remote control button.

‘In our day we didn’t even have our own kids’ TV channels,’ I mumbled.

Someone arrest me now.