Our down to earth Harry Redknapp was a worthy winner in the jungle – Cheryl Gibbs  

Harry Redknapp, The News' Sportsman of the Year, sharing a laugh with Fred Dinenage
Harry Redknapp, The News' Sportsman of the Year, sharing a laugh with Fred Dinenage
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Harry, Harry, Harry!  Despite the fact I’ve been away since Friday and therefore missed the crucial final days of I’m a Celebrity, Matt has been keeping me updated on WhatsApp. 

He’s been sending me little video snippets of the countdown from Friday to Sunday. 

I was over the moon when Harry Redknapp was crowned King of the Jungle. Well-deserved in my opinion.

The tales of his family, especially his wife Sandra who he clearly adores, were brilliant. 

He seems really genuine.

I remember meeting him during my time on 107.4 The Quay radio station and he was always a cracking guy.

Well done Harry!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sweden and Finland have a raw, natural beauty – explore it!

Wow. What can I say? I have travelled a fair bit in my 36 years, but I had never set foot in Scandinavia before and I’ve been blown away by it’s beauty – it’s breathtaking.

The fresh air of Finland and Sweden is so crisp and so unpolluted that it quite literally does take your breath away.

We flew out last Friday and, I kid you not, the transport to Heathrow was the worst I’ve experienced.

It was grid-locked traffic from the Horndean sliproad on to the A3 motorway for miles.

We got there, three minutes past the last check in time, and the less-than-impressed check-in guys took a bit of pity on us. 

They said they would check us in but they couldn’t guarantee our bags would make it.

Luckily the cameramen always take their cameras with them on the plane so I knew the worst case scenario would be that we would all be without a change of clothes, but at least we could crack on with filming.

I quickly, and without the camera crew looking, sneaked some underwear out of my suitcase and into my hand luggage – just in case.

Fortunately that wasn’t an issue in the end and we arrived in Ivalo, our final destination in Finland, all in one piece. 

We stayed at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort first which was just incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Before we left the UK we were told that it was one of the warmest winters they had ever had, but we needn’t have worried – snow was everywhere and got thicker by the minute.

By the time we left it was knee deep and provided the most spectacular blanket of white I’ve ever seen.

On Tuesday we drove six hours to Sweden where we’re now filming at the Ice Hotel – again, an incredible experience and one I’ll report about more in next week’s column.

Overall I don’t know what I can say about Scandinavia other than as Brits we must take advantage of this raw natural beauty that is on our doorstep. 

It has so much to offer, at least that’s my new year’s resolution for 2019!

Give yourself a pat on the back every now and then

It takes quite a lot for me to be really proud of what I’ve done.

I don’t know why that is but my parents said that I was terrible at school for pushing myself too hard. It was a case of never being satisfied with what I had achieved and for some reason that’s carried over into adulthood.

It’s not that I’m not proud, I just don’t see success the way others do.

I’m more proud of the travelling I’ve done than the degree I’ve got or the career I’ve had.

Having said all that it’s quite a big deal for me to say that I really am proud of my achievements on this travel series and I genuinely have stepped back a few times and thought to myself ‘well done Cheryl, you did good.’