In our film club your opinions are valued

Nicky Pybus, the pioneer minister for cosham and wymering, has set up a film club to spark important conversations between families

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 6:06 am
Pioneer minister Nicky Pybus

It might be a sci-fi film that makes you think about the fragile place of our planet in the universe, or a heart-rending drama that tells you something about human relationships.

Stories have immense power, and can give us a different perspective by showing someone else’s point of view.

A story about a refugee’s journey from a war-torn homeland to safety can tell us far more than a politician reeling off immigration figures.

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A boy-meets-girl romantic comedy might have something to say about the way men and women can sometimes react differently to certain situations.

Even an animation like Pixar’s Inside Out can teach us about the way our emotions work.

That’s why I thought it would be good to start a Family Film Club at the church I’m now working at, St Philip’s in Cosham.

Mums, dads and children can come along together and we can give them something to talk about.

On the first Saturday of every month, we’ll show a family film between 2pm and 4pm inside the church.

The first one is this Saturday and it will be free to get in.

They will all be family films – U or PG certificate – and I hope there’s something in each film to spark off conversation.

Soon we hope to show edgier or harder-hitting films in the evenings for adults, on the same day of the month.

They should provide even more talking points.

And we’re launching Café Church at St Philip’s this month, which replaces the normal Sunday service on the third Sunday of each month.

The first one is on September 18 at 11am, on the theme of money.

It will include group discussions, pop music, urban poetry, creative worship using chalk and playdough, and drama.

Hot and cold drinks, cakes and pastries will be available throughout.

In both Family Film Club and Café Church, your opinion will be valuable.

We don’t intend to preach at you about issues of faith or life – we want to know what you really think.

To find out what film we will be showing each month, text or call 07946 808833 or email [email protected]

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

n St Philip’s Church, is in Hawthorn Crescent, Cosham, PO6 2TL and online at