Our future in our hands

Have your say

We have four months to make a decision on whether this nation should be in or out of the European Union.

The campaigning has kicked off and our politicians are going full steam ahead to convince us either to stay in or get out.

David Cameron has made his views clear, saying he thinks Britain will be ‘safer, stronger and better’ within the EU.

Of course that is just his opinion, but I am confident the prime minister will be emphasising this phrase at every opportunity.

And it is inevitable other leaders across the EU would prefer to see us stick with them. After all, we are one of the richest nations within the European Economic Area.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to have our say on where Britain should stand: independent or with other countries.

I would expect the prime minister and other political leaders are doing all they can to ensure their party doesn’t fall apart over this major decision determining Britain’s future.

Michael Gove, one of the prime minister’s closest friends and a senior minister, argues we should leave the EU.

Standing with other MPs across the political spectrum, some of whom he wouldn’t normally agree with, he argues we should be out.

Now, you may be asking yourself ‘why is this important to me?’

It is important to everyone living within the UK as the decision will be instrumental in how this country develops.

If we stay within the EU we would have secured several deals lasting just seven years. After that it is for the government we have at the time to decide how much they would push on the desires of the Brits.

But if we opt out we are on our own.

This thought is alarming for many of us regarding business, exports and security. But I can’t see because of one decision we would lose out on all of that.

I love Britain and I am confident others across the globe do too. Therefore it doesn’t scare me we will miss out on business opportunities.

Nonetheless, I can’t make a decision on whether we should remain in or out of the EU without sufficient evidence on both sides of the argument.

And that’s why we should all be watching meticulously and gain a thorough understanding of both sides.

Despite the prime minister’s stance it is now down to us to make a decision.

Be sure you do your research and do what you think is best for your homeland.