Our tower of chocolate eggsreached up to the ceiling

I ate my first Easter egg this week, writes Lou. I know, I know, Easter was three weeks ago, but I honestly hadn't touched a proper chocolate egg until Wednesday evening.

Saturday, 16th April 2016, 6:05 am
Red Rum

The problem is both my boyfriend and I had time off over Easter, so we used the opportunity to go and visit as many family members as possible.

First up we went to my mum’s with my sister. Mum always gets us each a huge egg plus loads of little bits, packets of mini eggs and the like.

My sister also bought us each a couple of bars of chocolate and my aunt and uncle popped over for dinner with some Lindt bunnies.

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Then it was on to the boyfriend’s parents, who happened to have his aunt and uncle staying.

So there’s another two eggs each, plus the remnants of an Easter egg hunt.

Throw into the mix the odd little thing from family friends and of course eggs from each other, and we ended up eight big eggs, two large Lindt bunnies, three small bunnies and a whole host of mini eggs, crème eggs etc. We even made a tower of eggs which reached from the kitchen table to the ceiling! So I think I’ll be good for chocolate until July!

Jez: Unfortunately I no longer have any Easter eggs in my house.

My wife and I only received four chocolate eggs in total and come Wednesday after Easter they were all gone.

I don’t normally receive Easter eggs from my parents – my mother thinks I eat too much naughty food anyway, so she would never feel happy about handing me a massive chocolate egg.

When I was a kid I used to get my parents to buy me an Easter gift instead of an egg.

It was normally a new Scalextric car or train for my Hornby layout.

They were quite happy with this arrangement as it seemed a more responsible approach, avoiding all those unwanted calories and sugar.

I also loved it as a new Hornby train was far more expensive than a chocolate Easter egg, so I was probably quids in on the deal!


Last weekend my family and I placed bets on horses in the Grand National.

I know nothing about horse racing and instead of studying form I just choose the ones with the funniest names. My son chose First Lieutenant as it reminded him of sea cadets and my daughter went for Morning Assembly as it made her think of school.

In total we placed five £2 bets and I thought we had a pretty good chance.

I have fond memories of my grandfather asking me what horse I wanted to pick back in 1977 when I was eight years old.

I went for Red Rum who, of course, won. I can still remember how excited I was when he crossed the line.

But sadly none of our horses came anywhere near the front this time.


This week a mummy has been found on a mountain in Mongolia.

Apparently it’s an incredibly exciting find as it gives a brilliant insight into the lives of Mongolian people 1,500 years ago.

However there is one very bizarre thing about this mummy – it appears to be wearing Adidas trainers!

I know it sounds totally bonkers, but if you look at the photos you can see three very definite red stripes on what look like a pair of suede trainers.

People are now saying it’s proof that time travel is, or will be, possible.

After all, how else would a pair of Adidas find themselves attached to a 1,500-year-old mummy?

I have to say I’m sceptical. But they do say that no idea is an original idea.

This is our last column for The News, so thanks for reading for the past two years and good luck for the future!