‘Our ukulele group has gone from strength to strength’

IN TUNE Dielle Hannah
IN TUNE Dielle Hannah
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SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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THE audience were singing and clapping as we played our folk, rock and blues numbers on our ukuleles.

A couple of Saturdays ago, the Portchester ukulele group performed at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant, after only six weeks of learning.

We were joined by members of the Hayling Island club.

One of our ukulele players, Anne O’Reilly said that she had a great time and that it was wonderful to play with everyone.

We opened the show with our ukulele playing. Next onstage were Igloo’s brand new rock and blues guitar group, vocal groups and songwriters choir. Our ukulele group joined in with the grand finale piece of Four Magic Chords.

Over the past six weeks, our ukulele group has gone from strength to strength.

Ukulele clubs are fantastic for people of all ages. They bring people together and can also act as an introduction to music.

We have a few performances coming up, including Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16) at the Mount Folly Arts and Crafts Festival in Wickham, where we will be raising money for Naomi House Children’s Hospice.

We want to celebrate Father’s Day with a fantastic set from all the ukulele clubs.

This month we will be opening another new ukulele club in Waltham Chase, which we are thrilled about.

The first session is free and will be held at Waltham Chase Village Hall, Winchester Road, on Wednesday, April 24 at 8pm.

Now our first gig is in the bag, we are looking forward to playing some more.

For more information on joining one of our ukulele groups call (023) 9200 6507 or email info@igloomusic.co.uk.