Our water cup is running over

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If you want to make money, get into water.

It doesn’t matter what activity I take my daughter, Molly, to, they always insist that she is accompanied by water.

From vigorous street dancing to Rainbows, she trots off armed with a bag slung over one shoulder and a bottle in her mitts.

Children even have a drink at arms’ length in their classrooms.

It’s all very healthy and I do understand that hydration is hugely important when it comes to performance, both mental and physical.

But we never had a drinks’ bottle. We’d go for months without even being near water.

Sadly this has seen the demise of drinking directly from the hosepipe.

For the more exclusive, we’ve witnessed the passing of the slightly rusty water fountain.

No longer can a child enjoy the assorted flavours and textures of putting their mouth over a corroded metal fitting, where another lunch muncher had been just a few moments before.