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The results are in and Portsmouth Youth Parliament has voted again.

That’s for its new officers, those who oversee certain areas of the local Youth Parliament such as manifesto groups and outreach.

Young people who are part of Portsmouth Youth Parliament have the opportunity each year to vote for who they wish to represent them on a local basis.

The youth parliament is about giving young people a voice and impacting lives, therefore big responsibility comes with the roles.

Anna Harris, 17, a student at Havant College, has taken the place of former chairman Georgie Boxall, 18.

Anna says: ‘This year my aim is to reach out to all of Portsmouth’s youth, so even the most disadvantaged 11 to 19-year-olds are given a voice.

‘My intention is to listen to them and address their needs for a successful, healthy and happy lifestyle.’

Georgie felt that it was time to begin a new chapter in her life, focusing on college and her future.

She says: ‘Serving in the youth parliament has been amazing, one of the best experiences of my life.

‘I got to meet new people, undertake challenges and make an impact on young lives.’

With confidence, the members of Portsmouth Youth Parliament ensure that they will continue to have an impact on young lives and do what they can to put on events.

The Portsmouth Youth Parliament has yet to vote on what it wishes the new manifesto groups to be.

Currently they stand as Money and Jobs, Transport and Culture.

What would you like the youth parliament to focus on for the next year?

· Half-term is over and it’s back to work for young people!

The speed this academic year is moving at is terrifying and, before we know it, we’ll be having barbecues on the beach (as long as we get the good weather).

Although this is no time for youngsters to sit about waiting for summer, especially those taking exams to determine what will happen next.

As young people, we often get distracted from our work and it’s tempting to forget how important our education is.

However, we as young people need to have a social life, do things that are fun and not barricade ourselves away from society. Don’t panic!

All you need to do is balance out what you do and make sure you plan ahead.