Outfoxing Jack takes patience

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Only a week before his first birthday and little/big (or is it big/little) Jack is up and running.

My son isn’t completely self-sufficient but he’s become very adept at stumbling between objects at pace – table, sofa and dog are all used in equal measure.

After spending the last two months coercing him into walking, I’ve only just reached the point where I’ve remembered exactly how much of a handful a stumbling toddler can be.

Anything with a handle or a hinge can provide a child with endless hours of fun.

Our kitchen cupboards have never endured so much excitement.

Yet lurking beneath are countless glass, ceramic and Teflon-coated perils.

We want him to be independent and roam without constantly badgering him with comments like ‘no’ and ‘don’t poke your head in there’.

So we’ve gone back to using those clever little plastic door and drawer catches as they’re so brilliantly designed to hinder those trying to gain access. From age one to 71, they outfox everybody.