Paddling pool fun and games

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The stunning weather we’ve had recently meant it was time to dig out the paddling pool for the girls to enjoy in the garden.

When we were choosing the paddling pool, we decided that we wouldn’t get one that was too big.

We just wanted there to be enough room for when Caitlin’s friends and cousins come round.

But this was something I started to regret when I was trying to blow it up. You see, I stupidly didn’t buy a pump.

I started to feel a bit light-headed but eventually the pool was ready to be filled with water. And then just as I was about to turn the hose on, I noticed the pool was deflating. Great, a puncture.

By the time the leak had been found, most of the air had escaped.

But with my two girls already in their swimming costumes I couldn’t give up.

With the puncture fixed and pool full of water, the girls were finally having fun and it was time for me to enjoy a well-earned rest.

That was until Alyssa decided to use the pool as a toilet. I won’t go into detail – but the water turned brown.